How Can We Help?

A team consisting of nurses and health advocates ready to step in when efforts to help an aging or loved one have hit a brick wall. We specialize in Elderly Crisis Prevention: we know the ropes; know the local resources, know who to call and how to get things done quickly and economically - but with sensitivity to an elderly person's dignity and resistance to change.

Childers & Coventry can implement solutions on an on-going basis:
  • Work with health care providers to facilitate, often long delayed medical care to improve health status and improve ability to function independently.
  • Advocate with care providers, making difficult to access systems (hospitals, insurance companies, doctor’s offices, home health agencies) work for our clients.
  • Supervise in home caregivers or facilitate the move to an environment with more support.
  • Assist with obtaining financial entitlements when eligible.
  • Provide crisis intervention - step in to solve an immediate problem.
  • Communicate with the family and other interested parties.
  • And perhaps...the most important: “be the bad guy” in delicate family situations.