Fiduciary License #20840


Coy Vernon is licensed fiduciary, board member of the Arizona Fiduciary Association, principal, and Director at Childers and Coventry, LLC. As a licensed fiduciary, Coy supervises C&C’s Health Service Advocates, accounting review, asset management, budgeting and sustainability for wards/estates, investment account review, vendor approval, in addition to his duties as a partner at the firm.

Coy also assists Childers and Coventry’s Health Service Advocates in areas such as client relocation, coordination of delivery of property to clients, as well as assistance with client recovery, care management intervention and client stabilization when necessary. In one such case, Coy travelled to Central America and successfully, located, managed medical treatment to stabilize the client for travel, coordinated all travel with medical flights, negotiated with customs and embassy personal to obtain approval to leave Central America and for re-entry to the U.S. without the clients passport, and safely returned the client to U.S. soil for further treatment.

Coy is an alumnus of the University of Arizona, an active Real Estate Agent, has attended trust administration courses at Cannon Financial institute at Pepperdine University, and is a licensed contractor in the state of Arizona. Prior to joining Childers and Coventry, Coy managed a real estate investment firm in Southern Arizona where he oversaw the acquisition, capitalization, market positioning, liquidation, and accounting for numerous distressed real property assets throughout Arizona. Coy also assisted in raising private capital for the acquisition and capitalization of assets, assisted in the structuring of entities to hold various real property assets, and assisted his senior partners in structuring entities to provide protection of assets for clients. In addition to the above, Coy was also charged with the management of a portfolio of rental properties throughout southern Arizona.

Outside of work, Coy enjoys participating in endurance activities (Mt. Lemmon Marathon (full), Ultra Relay Runs (198 miles with four participants), ocean swims (La Jolla Rough Water Swim), and when time allows climbing, hiking, fishing, surfing, and almost any other activity that provides an opportunity to be outdoors.

To contact Coy, please email him at