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Childers and Coventry offers guardianships, conservatorships, healthcare and human services advocacy, trustee and personal representatives.

Our emphasis is on quality of life for our Guardianship clients, peace of mind for the families, integrity in financial matters and fairness in dealing with family and other interested parties.

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    The trust of families, of the Courts, and of our clients.

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Fiduciary Services

Guardianship and Conservatorship

Arizona law permits the Superior Court to appoint a Guardian or Conservator for an adult who, after an appropriate hearing, is adjudicated incapacitated by clear and convincing evidence.

Personal Representative

In Arizona, a Licensed Fiduciary may be appointed as Personal Representative (also known as an Executor) by the Court to administer the estate of Decedent whose nominated Personal Representative is unable or unwilling to serve, where there is no Last Will and Testament, or where there is disagreement between the beneficiaries and an estate is significant enough for Court intervention.


The Arizona Superior Court is sometimes called upon to appoint a disinterested third party Trustee to administer a contested Trust, a decedent’s Trust, a Special Needs Trust or the Trust of an incapacitated person whose nominated successor Trustee is unwilling or unable to serve. A Licensed Fiduciary may serve in any of these roles.  Additionally, under certain circumstances Childers & Coventry is willing to act as Trustee upon nomination by the Grantor.


There are by far more family members appointed by the Court as Conservators than there are Licensed Fiduciaries filling that role.  Often the family member is well qualified to manage the income and expenses of their loved one, but has difficulty meeting the stringent financial reporting requirements of the Court.  Childers and Coventry is able to prepare an accounting for the family Conservator, which meets Arizona Superior Court requirements.

Similarly, family members acting as Trustee are often under an obligation to provide annual accountings to the beneficiaries of a Trust.  In many cases, Childers & Coventry can prepare these accountings also.

Health Care Advocate, Care Need Assessments, Medication Management

In times of crisis, if health status or living situations change unexpectedly, we can help. Our staff can quickly assess an individual's needs and arrange appropriate care quickly. We can serve as a liaison for clients, health care professionals, and families close by or across the country. We are well versed in high quality, cost effective care alternatives. We provide short, long-term, or ongoing help tailored to your needs - as much or as little as you want.